Medicare Advantage Insurance Plan

At The Grace Agency, we understand the importance of finding the right insurance plan that fits your needs and budget. In recent years, Medicare Advantage plans have become very popular due to low or $0 monthly plan premiums and additional benefits not offered by Original Medicare or Medicare Supplemental Plans.

  • What Is a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan?

A Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) plan is a type of health insurance that is offered by private companies that have been approved by Medicare. This option combines the benefits of Medicare Parts

A and B (hospital and medical coverage) with Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage) all into one plan, called Medicare Part C.

Medicare Advantage (MA) ONLY plans, combine Medicare Parts A and B (hospital and medical coverage) but do NOT include a prescription drug plan. These plans are designed for veterans eligible to receive their drugs from the Veterans Affairs Administration.

  • What Are the Benefits?

What sets Medicare Advantage plans apart from traditional Medicare is that they offer additional benefits like vision, dental, and hearing coverage, as well as gym memberships and wellness programs. Some even offer an over the counter allowance and/or grocery money. These added benefits can be a great value for beneficiaries looking to stay active and healthy.

Another benefit of Medicare Advantage insurance plans is that they typically have lower out-of-pocket costs than traditional Medicare. Many Medicare Advantage plans have $0 monthly premiums with low copays.

Important to note that any doctor you see, must be in the plans network unless it's an emergency. You can go to a hospital or urgent care anywhere in the event of an emergency. The plan network is typically very large, and you can often find a provider that is conveniently located near you.

  • Why Choose The Grace Agency, LLC?

The Grace Agency can help you find the right plan for your needs. Our experienced agents can walk you through the different plans available and help direct you to the one that fits your budget and lifestyle. Our agents also assist beneficiaries with their application and enrollment as well as check your eligibility for any additional benefits you may qualify for.

The Grace Agency is a family owned and operated business, we believe that everyone deserves quality and affordable healthcare with agents they can trust. Contact us today to learn more about Medicare Advantage health insurance plans and how we can help you make an informed decision.